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What to Keep in Mind When Applying for a Hunting License

Hunting is a favorite pastime shared by many. Before you decide to give it a try, you first need a hunting license. Each province or state has its requirements when it comes to applying for a license. For those who want to participate in the upcoming hunting season, learn about the requirements you must follow to obtain a license.

Learn about Minimum Age Limits

Applying for Hunting LicenseThere are age restrictions when applying for a hunting license. Some areas you must be 16 years old to hunt, while others are as young as ten years old. To be sure that you meet the age requirements, review your area’s hunting guidelines to check if you meet the qualifications.

What Are You Hunting?

Before you apply for your license, you’ll want to decide what wildlife you’re going to be hunting. Often, people will get their license to hunt small and large game wildlife. Small game wildlife includes animals like rabbits and squirrels, while large game animals include deer, moose, and elk. In most areas, you can apply for a basic hunting license, and apply for separate hunting permits to hunt larger species. You can review your area’s hunting guidebook to determine what type of license or permit you need.

Take a Hunter’s Education Course

You’ll find that most states or provinces require you to take a hunter’s education course before issuing any hunting permit or license. Depending on your area, this can be a classroom session or an online class. The style of the courses can differ. Some may include interactive questions and reading, while others may incorporate exams and essays. After you finish the course, make sure you hang onto your proof of completion!

Follow all Guidelines

Once you’re issued a license, make sure you are following all the appropriate guidelines. Including only hunting the animals that you are approved to hunt in the correct designated areas. If you’re planning to shoot with a firearm, be sure that you are legally allowed to do so. Not following these guidelines can lead to penalties and fines.


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