Interesting Facts About the Ogoki Reservoir

One of the most peaceful trips you can plan is to the shores of the Ogoki Reservoir in Northwestern Ontario, where the joys of fly-in fishing, moose hunting, and wilderness canoeing await you. But how much do you know about this nature-filled gem? Here are a few interesting facts.

The Ogoki Reservoir is Ontario’s seventh largest fly-in fishing outpost (there are a total of thirty in the region), covering 35,000 acres and stretching over 35 miles. The narrow-flowing lake, located north of Lake Nipigon, was originally included as part of a hydro generation project. The reservoir additionally serves as a connector for nearby Mojikit Lake, which runs through Ogoki’s southeastern end and eventually into the Summit Control Dam.

The Ogoki Reservoir is located on a land inhabited by three member tribes of the First Nations, which began populating the area during the fur trade era. The Marten Falls people of the northeast, the Eabametoong of the northwest, and the Aroland of the south all speak native Ojibway. People of the Marten Falls First Nation began populating the area at the junction of the Ogoki River and Albany River in the early 1990s, dubbing the area “Ogoki,” which means, “where the waters converge” in Ojibway.

The Ogoki Reservoir is home to an array of beautiful species, including moose, timber wolves, snowshoe hare, and woodland caribou. An abundance of 3 ½ to 4 lb-sized Walleye also inhabit the area, astounding enthusiastic fishermen and wildlife adventurers. You might even catch the presence of a Canadian lynx, a North American cat species with a unique set of pointy ears.

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