The Benefits of Spending Time by the Water

A rich experience in the depths of nature is known to be restorative to the mind, body and spirit. But did you know that adding water to that already beautiful scenery can benefit you even more so? It’s true, and the more water there is, the more pull it has in the human mind to be near it when seeking a calming and truly peaceful experience.

70 percent of our body is made up of water, so that may offer a reason for our strong connection to it

Someone Canoeing in OntarioOur anatomy is very similar to the Earth’s, with about 70 percent of the planet being comprised of water. It also pulls our minds to want to be near the color blue, even more than green, which still appeals to us. The more blue a scenery offers, the more people will want to go there to escape the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.

Water offers an auditory break

That escape from the office that everyone is searching for is mainly due to hum of modern day society. Employees find that their stress is mainly caused by one very basic source: the human voice. Multiply that by ten or 50 employees in an office, and it’s possible that you’ll have that hum stuck in your head even past closing time.

People use the soothing noise of water to fall asleep and it has proven to improve your memory. Not to mention, it can enhance your overall mindfulness. Spending time by the water will make you happier due to the much-needed break from everyday life, especially if you don’t realize you need the break at first.

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