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How to Prevent Motion Sickness While Fishing

How to Prevent Motion Sickness While Fishing

There are many benefits of fishing. Fishing is a great way to spend time outdoors and relax. You may enjoy fishing, but it can be hard to relax when you are feeling nauseous. It is very common for anglers to begin feeling ill while out on the water. If you have been dealing with motion sickness while fishing, there are a few ways that may help reduce your motion sickness symptoms.How to Prevent Motion Sickness While Fishing

Our brain senses movements from our inner ears, eyes, muscles, and joints. When our brain interprets conflicting signals, it can result in what is known as motion sickness.

For example, if you are focused on your line in the water but, the boat is moving, your eyes are focused on an immobile object while your body and other senses feel the motion of the boat moving. This is a conflicting signal which can make you feel nauseas, dizzy, light-headed, and could lead to vomiting.

Motion sickness can come on suddenly which is why it is best to prepare ahead of time in case this happens while you are on your next fishing trip.

Here are a few ways to prevent motion sickness:How to Prevent Motion Sickness While Fishing

  • Pack medicineDramamine is an over-the counter medication that helps prevent the symptoms of motion sickness.
  • Ginger– If you would rather use a more natural remedy, use fresh ginger. Simply eat a small amount of fresh ginger to help ease the feelings of motion sickness.
  • Avoid direct sunlight– While you are feeling dizzy and nauseas it is best to avoid direct sunlight. Be sure too drink water to stay hydrated and wear a sun blocking hat to stop your body from overheating.
  • Sit at the center of the boat– This is the best place to stand when you are feeling motion sickness on a boat. There is more stability at the center of the boat because it does not rock as much.

With these tips, we hope you can enjoy your next fishing trip without suffering from motion sickness.

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