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What Do You Need to Do to Prepare for the 2020 Moose Hunting Season?

What Do You Need to Do to Prepare for the 2020 Moose Hunting Season?

With their great size and flavorful meat, it’s not a surprise that moose hunting has become a very popular pastime in Ontario. Because hunting, in general, can be difficult, we’ve come up with a list of tips to help prepare you for a successful season.

Here is what you need to know/do to prepare for the next hunting season:

Know Your Hunting Area

Do you know where you’ll be hunting this season? If you don’t, you need to start thinking about it! When choosing your hunting location, be aware that every state or province is different. If you’re looking to hunt moose, consider traveling to Ontario, CA. In Ontario, the moose populations are controlled through a selective harvest program that limits the taking of animals with high reproductive potential.

Therefore, it’s very popular for hunters to plan their next hunting outing in Ontario, CA, because there is typically a large moose population for them to hunt. Once you’ve planned your next hunt, make sure you are researching the area to greater your chances of a successful hunt. Search from topographic maps or ask other hunters about their experience.

Familiarize Yourself with The Hunter Orange Regulations

The purpose of the hunter orange regulation is to make sure you are safe while hunting. Under this regulation, all licensed hunters, or archery hunters hunting during the gun season must wear orange hunting gear.

Hunters must also wear an orange headcover and have an orange garment covering a minimum of 400 square inches above the waist and are visible from all sides. Make sure that your head covering does not contain any camouflage material!

What Requirements Should You Bring With You?

Before you can hunt in Ontario, CA, you must first provide documentation that you can legally hunt in the area. First, make sure you pack your Outdoors Card. This card is a wallet-sized identification card issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry that gives you permission to hunt or fish in the area. You must have it at all times, and it’s valid for three years.

Also, make sure you’re providing proof of your moose license, tag, and proof of your firearms accreditation.

Moose Hunting in Ontario, CA

Follow these three tips to help you prepare for your next moose hunt. If you’re looking for the best spot in Ontario to hunt moose, make sure you’re contacting Mattice Lake Outfitters. Don’t forget to check out our trip planner page to get started!

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