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4 Surprising Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

4 Surprising Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

There is nothing quite like spending time outdoors. The fresh air and sunlight provide us with many benefits, including making us feel refreshed and relaxed. Being outdoors has been known to have incredible benefits for our brain, body, and soul.

Here are a few surprising benefits of spending time in nature:

The Great Outdoors Helps Boost Your Energy

Spending about 20 minutes outdoors can give your brain the energy boost it needs to help keep you awake, alert and energized. In fact, it can even be comparable to drinking a cup of coffee!

Reduces Stress

When you’re feeling stressed, it’s always best to take the time you need to unplug from your electronics and spend some time outdoors. Nature helps our brains calm down, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Take this opportunity to go for a walk, hike, or head out on your canoe! Exercise will help get your blood flowing and heart pumping, which is another way to help you lower your stress levels.

Strengthens Your Immune System

If you’re looking for a natural way to help boost your immune system, try spending a little extra time outdoors! Sunlight plays a huge factor in boosting your immune systems. Just spending 15 to 20 minutes a day in direct sunlight will help your body absorb Vitamin D, which will strengthen your immune system and bones. Plus, it has been known to reduce the risk of cancer, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

The Outdoors Helps Improve Your Mental Health

Spending time outdoors has been linked to improving your mental health, especially in the winter. Throughout the winter, we experience shorter days and lower light levels, which can trigger Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The outdoors has also been linked to increased happiness. There are all different types of outdoor activities for different levels and preferences. Overall, spending time in nature will help promote greater well-being.

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