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Planning the Perfect Fall Canoeing Trip

Planning the Perfect Fall Canoeing Trip

The fall season is the perfect time to get outdoors and explore all that nature has to offer. Whether it be taking a walk around a local trail or going on an outdoor adventure for the weekend, everyone should get out in the open air and take in the beauty of fall.

If you land in the latter category and are planning an outdoor trip for the fall, we suggest a remote canoeing trip. Canoe trips are the perfect outdoor adventure for the fall season as they allow you to take in a wide range of sights, sounds, animals and nature.

Make sure to choose a place known for having fun waters to canoe in, as well as incredible fall foliage, camping areas and more for a trip you’ll remember for years to come.

Choose a region with spectacular fall views

Whether you just plan on canoeing, want to do some fishing out of your canoe, want to take photos of the surrounding nature or anything in between, it’s essential that you choose an area that is known for its beautiful fall scenery.

Doing some research online will help you determine which areas have the best fall views that will leave you in awe. Get great photos, unwind in the beauty of nature and create lasting memories by choosing an area with incredible fall foliage.

Consider your camping, lodging options

Once you’ve found a few canoeing areas that pique your interest, you should look into the camping and lodging options that are available.

If you’re more of an adventurous type, there should be several camping areas along your route where you can get a fire going and get some rest for the night. If you don’t always enjoy sleeping in the outdoors, many canoeing areas will have cabins and other lodging available.

Get assistance with your route

Although many of us enjoy the thrill of taking on nature on our own terms, it may not always be the smartest decision. If you’re planning a canoeing trip that goes through rough waters or has strenuous portage areas, it may be a good idea to hire a guide to lead you on your journey.

These guides will not only keep you safe throughout your trip, but can show you some of the more remote, beautiful spots that you wouldn’t have known about on your own.

If you’re planning an upcoming canoeing trip to the wilderness of Northwestern Ontario, we ask that you think of us at Mattice Lake Outfitters. We offer canoe trips in Wabakimi Provincial Park and the Albany & Kopka Waterway Parks as well as remote areas around these parks.

Our secluded home base in Armstrong Station, Ontario is an ideal wilderness setting for unforgettable canoeing, fishing, wildlife and fall scenery.

To learn more about the great canoeing and lodging we have available during the fall, including outpost camps and our wilderness lodge, give us a call at 1-800-411-0334.

Safety Tips for Canoeing with Young Children

Safety Tips for Canoeing with Young Children

Canoeing is a great outdoor activity for all family members. Before heading out on the water, there are some important tips that you should follow to keep yourself and your children safe at all times. Here are a few safety tips to follow if you plan on canoeing with your little ones this summer: Make… Continue Reading