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How to Prepare for Springtime Fishing During the “Off Season”

How to Prepare for Springtime Fishing During the “Off Season”

One of the best parts about fishing is that it doesn’t necessarily have an offseason. Many people still enjoy fishing throughout the snowy winter. However, most anglers take this opportunity to take a break from fishing and prepare for the action in the spring!

The offseason is the time to ensure that all your equipment is in the best condition, so you’re prepared for the next fishing season. Here are some tasks you can start doing now to help you prepare for springtime fishing:

Inspect and Repair Your Gear

Now is the time to carefully inspect all parts of your fishing rod. First, check all guides and ferrules to make sure they’re in good shape. Then, move onto your reels. Often, your reels will require a lubricant to move smoothly and efficiently. In this case, always follow the manufacturer’s specifications. 

After your reels, it’s time to move onto your waders. As you’re inspecting your waders, look for signs of wear and tear or leaks. If you notice any abrasions or small cracks, it’s important to know that they can quickly turn into leaks, so you’ll want to either repair or replace this part of your rod immediately.

Don’t Forget About Your Hooks

Before entering the new fishing season, you’re going to want your hooks to be nice and sharp so that they can help you secure your catch. A dull hook isn’t fun to work with and can make your trip extremely frustrating.

At this time, try to get organized too! Look through your hooks, jigs, lures, leaders, and other gear and make sure they are clean and stored properly.

Restock Your Supplies

Now that everything has been inspected and repaired, it’s time to take inventory of your supplies and see if you need to add anything to your gear. Write down a list of the baits you need, their sizes, and colors to help you stay organized as you’re restocking your supplies.

Plan Where You Want to Fish

The off-season is the perfect time to plan out your next fishing trip. Whether you plan to fish locally or you’re ready for an adventure, pull out your map and highlight some new areas that you want to try this year!

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