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Benefits of Fishing the Ogoki River & Reservoir

Benefits of Fishing the Ogoki River & Reservoir

When you’re planning a fishing trip to Northwestern Ontario and are looking for the perfect area to catch walleye, northern pike and more with ease, we suggest the Ogoki River and the adjoining reservoir.

A remote fishing area, the Ogoki River and reservoir are popular fishing spots as they each have a plentiful walleye population and are home to several other fish species.

Home to some of Canada’s freshest fishing and most majestic scenery, the Ogoki River is the perfect place to choose for a weekend fishing getaway.

The walleye are plentiful

When you’re looking for exceptional walleye fishing this fall, the Ogoki River and adjoining reservoir are an ideal location.

They each offer ripe fishing opportunities for walleye, no matter your skill level, and it’s not uncommon to see above-average walleye ranging from 3½ to 4 pounds.

There’s a variety of other fish

The Ogoki River and reservoir are not only home to a large amount of walleye, but also hold a healthy population of northern pike, whitefish, lake trout and sturgeon.

No matter what type of fish you or your party enjoy going after, there’s really something for everyone in this plentiful fishing area.

Exceptional lodging is available

Although this is a remote fishing location, that doesn’t mean you have to “rough it”.

There are nearby outpost camps and wilderness lodges for fisherman to stay in during their trip that have all the amenities you would ever need including showers, electricity, fridges, wood stoves and more.

When you’re ready to plan your fishing trip to the Ogoki River and reservoir and want the very best lodging for your stay, we ask that you think of our team at Mattice Lake Outfitters.

Our camp is located along the Ogoki Reservoir on a 50-acre island just a few miles from Eight Flume Falls (where the Ogoki River enters the reservoir).

We have several mini lodges spread out along the east and north shores of the island, and fishing for walleye at the base of Eight Flume Falls is like fishing in a barrel.

Whether it be the exceptional fishing, privacy of our mini lodges or anything in between, we ask that you reach out to us today at 1-800-411-0334 to book your trip.

Tips for Catching Northern Pike

Tips for Catching Northern Pike

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