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What to Know About Moose Before You Hunt Them

What to Know About Moose Before You Hunt Them

Planning for you first-ever moose hunt can be an exciting time. Maybe you’re traveling from far away to hunt them or maybe you’ve lived near them for most of your life and have never gotten the chance.

Either way, there are some things you should know about moose before you head out on your hunt. Here are a few facts about these interesting creatures:

They’re Bigger Than You Might Think

Moose are part of the deer subfamily, but you likely wouldn’t know that from their size. Adult moose can grow up to seven feet tall, 10 feet long and can weigh up to 1,500 pounds. Knowing this information ahead of time will ensure that you’re not taken by surprise or intimidated the first time you come close to one of these creatures.

They’re Mostly Docile

Moose are herbivores, so they don’t do any hunting of their own. They’re unlikely to attack you or any other animal unless they are repeatedly provoked. They are more likely to run away from danger than to fight back if they feel they’re under attack. But in some cases, particularly with adult males during mating season, a moose may attack you if you’ve gotten too close. Your best bet is to keep your distance.

They Move Quickly

If you’ve got a good shot lined up, be sure to make it count. Because as soon as that moose senses that you represent danger, it will be able to get away quickly. Moose can run up to 35 miles per hour and have tremendous endurance as well. They’ve been known to run up to 20 miles in a single hour to escape from predators. Water will not deter them either as moose are impressive swimmers for their size. They can swim for miles at a time and can even go totally underwater for short periods.

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