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The Basics of Fishing Rod Maintenance

The Basics of Fishing Rod Maintenance

Should you have an upcoming fishing trip and want to make sure your rod stays in top shape leading up to your departure date, there are a few easy things you can do to ensure it provides you with the reliable casting, reeling and more you’ll need during your time on the water.

The basics that we will discuss in this article are things that even the most novice of fishermen can do to put themselves in a good position to reel in any number of fish.

For a rod that is clean, working properly and looking its best, make sure to follow these few easy maintenance tips!

Give your rod a deep clean

If you want your rod to last for years while looking great, it is suggested to deep clean it on a regular basis.

This simply consists of wiping it down with pledge a few times a year. This cleaning procedure will not only leave your rod shining but will make it more resistant to water when you’re out on a boat.

Clean the rod’s guides

Another basic of fishing rod maintenance is to keep the guides as clean as possible. When you keep your fishing rod’s guides clean you will be able to cast and reel without any hindrances.

These can be cleaned at home using a Q-tip and Reel Magic and will remove general buildup, minerals and vegetation, going a long way in increasing the lifespan of your rod.

Once clear of the larger buildup, use a towel soaked in rubbing alcohol to make sure there is nothing left behind on the guides.

Store your rod vertically

When looking to maintain your fishing rod for as long as possible, make sure it is standing vertically when in storage. It is suggested to invest in a good rack where the rod can easily be stored as described.

As an added tip you should never lean your rod up against a wall or piece of furniture, as it can permanently warp it and leave it ineffective.

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