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Fly-In Fishing Tips for Your Next Trip

Fly-In Fishing Tips for Your Next Trip

Are you getting ready to embark on a fly-in fishing adventure in Northwestern Ontario?

Here are a few tips to take with you on your next trip!

Keep your licence & documentation safe (and dry)

Your fishing licence and Outdoors Card are two essentials that you need on your person at all times.

However, fishing trips tend to get a bit wet, so how do you keep these documents secure and dry?

Place your licence and Outdoors Card in a sealable plastic bag and tape it to the inside of your tackle box or boat so that they’re easily accessible.

fishing in river.a fisherman with a fishing rod on the river bank. man fisherman catches a fish

Bring collapsible coolers

You can’t go fishing without a cooler, but with the space on the seaplane and the weight restrictions, a hard-bodied cooler may not be the best choice.

Consider packing a collapsible cooler; it will take up less room and be arguably way easier to carry.

Stick with your group

We understand that you feel fine going off on your own, but not when it comes to remote fly-in camps.

Since you get to enjoy a private lake to yourself, it’s essential that your group sticks together and looks out for one another.

We conduct routine check flights once or twice during a trip to ensure your safety and success out on the water and we also leave you with a two-way radio system in case help is needed.

However, if you’re off on your own and nowhere near your group, help won’t find you anytime soon.

So, use the fishermen buddy system at all times.

Declutter your tackle box

elevated view of fishing tackle and bait in plastic box

Since there are weight limitations on the outfitter’s seaplane, it’s essential that you downsize wherever possible.

We offer live bait at our seaplane base, so there’s no need to pack any of that for your flight, and you won’t need every type of lure—trust us.

With the high-quality of fishing, you won’t be missing the extra lures.

Trimming down on your accessories to fit in a small tackle box will lighten your load while still giving you everything you need to score big on your trip.

Make sure your equipment is protected

Once you have checked that your fishing equipment is in proper working order, you must prep it for travel.

Cover your rods with a protective sleeve, tube, or blanket so that you and your equipment stay safe throughout the journey.

Fly-in fishing with us

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