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Fly Fishing Gear That You Need to Have For Your Next Trip!

Fly Fishing Gear That You Need to Have For Your Next Trip!

If you’re looking to improve your fishing for the year, start by investing in the proper gear. From lures to fishing boots, having the right gear is essential to having a successful trip.

Before you book your next fly fishing trip, make sure you have packed the following essentials! 

Fly Fishing Rods and Reels

Fly fishing is a type of fishing that requires a rod specifically designed for the weight of the fish being caught. So, if you’re fishing in waters with lighter-weight fish such as small panfish or trout, then you will be fine with a 3- to 4-weight rod. Typically, if you’re fishing in the ocean, you’ll want to use an 11- to 12- weight rod. 

The majority of fly fishing reels will have a disc-type drag system that will help you strip the line off of the reel as needed. As you look for a reel, you will find that there is a lot to choose from, so base your choice on what fish you will likely be going for the most. 

Fishing Line

There are a few types of fly fishing lines. Usually, you will want to use a line that matches the weight of your rod. You’ll also find that fly fishing lines come in a wide variety of colors. Anglers can choose their line color based on their personal preference! Some anglers like to see where their line is at all times, while others think that a bright-line will reduce their chances of getting a bite. 

Choosing Your Fishing Bait

When you go fly fishing, you can use either live bait or an artificial lure. Lures used for fly fishing are often found in a variety of colors and sizes. Just remember to use an appropriate lure size to the size of the fish you plan on catching. 

Bring Your Boots

When you go fly fishing, you’re not going to want to forget your boots. As you fish, you’re likely to venture out in the water, so you will want to pack sturdy, waterproof boots. Remember, water repellent boots are very different from waterproof boots. To avoid spending an afternoon with wet socks and cold toes, make sure your boots are waterproof! 

Fly Fishing Vest

Since you’ll be venturing into the water, make sure you have a quality vest too. Your vest will serve as a tackle box that you don’t have to carry while you’re in the water! 

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