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4 Reasons to Go Camping in the Fall

4 Reasons to Go Camping in the Fall

If you ask any avid camper, they’ll tell you that there is nothing like camping in the fall. There are plenty of reasons to go camping in the fall, from the beautiful weather to the outdoor activities. Here are some of our favorite reasons to camp in the fall: 

The Perfect Temperatures Are in the Fall

The spring is often cold and rainy in Ontario. Whereas the summer offers beautiful warm days. However, nothing beats Ontario in the fall. Your days typically start a bit cooler before warming up for your afternoon activities. Then it cools back down in the evening. With the right clothes and gear, you can be much more comfortable camping in the fall then camping in the hot humidity of the summer. 

The Beautiful Scenery

You can find beautiful colors throughout the country during the fall season, which makes it the best time to go camping. Mattice Lake Outfitters is located all along the peaceful shores of the Ogoki-Albany river system, so you are guaranteed to see the breathtaking seasonal hues of Ontario.

The change in scenery will make activities like canoeing and fishing feel more special; being surrounded by beautiful fall foliage. 

There are Fewer Bugs in the Fall

One of the downsides of camping in the summer is that it tends to be pretty buggy, especially at night. However, when you camp in the fall, you’ll notice that there are hardly any! Whenever you go camping, you should always pack extra bug spray just in case, but you can feel more confident knowing that you can expect a comfortable night hanging by the fire.

Different Activities Available 

The fall season is the best time to go camping because you can still participate in all of your favorite summer activities, and more! At Mattice Lake Outfitters, our guests can expect to participate in fall actives such as fishing, moose hunting, canoeing, and exploring our land. Our mini-lodge has more than 35,000 acres of land, so it’s safe to say that there is plenty to do when you stay with us! 

Planning Your Stay At Mattice Lake Outfitters 

Are you ready to plan your next camping trip? Contact Mattice Lake Outfitters to learn more about camping in Northwest Ontario!