All About Moose Antlers

When you picture a moose in your head, what is the first thing you see? Chances are it’s the large antlers that most moose have. Moose first start to grow antlers when they turn about 1, and they grow a new set of antlers every year until they hit the prime of their lives, at which point their antlers stop growing as much as they used to. Here are some other fun facts about moose antlers.All About Moose Antlers

Moose antlers begin to grow in the spring

Some people think that moose have antlers all of the time, but they actually don’t have them for most of the winter. They don’t start to grow antlers until the spring, and even then, it takes a few months for them to come in. They are covered with a tissue called velvet until about September at which point that velvet dries out and falls off the antlers, leaving moose to rub their antlers against trees. It’s what gives antlers their brownish color.

Moose antlers are used for intimidation purposes
What exactly is the point of antlers? It’s a fair question, and you might be surprised by the answer. Moose typically use their antlers to scare off their rivals during mating season. Often times, moose will square off with their antlers and lock heads to determine which of them is stronger. It’s a ritualistic practice, and a moose that loses his antlers while battling can end up having a long winter without them.

Moose antlers deteriorate once they eventually fall off

At some point between November and February, moose lose their antlers. But you won’t usually find many of them scattered around in the woods because they deteriorate fairly quickly. Small rodents will also eat the antlers at times for protein. Moose are then forced to walk around without antlers until the spring when they grow back again.

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