Organize Your Hunting and Fishing Licenses With This App

Hunting and fishing enthusiasts take note: the brand-new Pursuit app makes it easy to buy or renew all your hunting and fishing licenses online.Organize Your Hunting and Fishing Licenses With This App

The app functions as a virtual wallet, where you can store all of your hunting and fishing licenses in one place, as well as your state sportsman’s IDs.

Pursuit will also send you notifications when your licenses are about to expire, and provide links to each state’s digital portal, where you can purchase new licenses. The app will certainly speed up and streamline things for hunters and fishermen, especially those who travel frequently for a good catch.

Now available on iTunes, Pursuit is also a hunting and fishing mapping platform. You can drop annotations into the app, and take field notes on each location, which you can save for review months or even years later. For those concerned about privacy, the information you save is yours alone and will never be shared with any third parties.

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