Why a Canoe Trip is an Ideal Summer Getaway

Why a Canoe Trip is an Ideal Summer Getaway

With summer now almost underway, many people are beginning to plan their outdoor vacations for the coming months. If you want to spend some time out in nature, but aren’t sure exactly what to do, a canoe trip might be just the thing for you. Here’s why:

It’s Not Difficult

Learning how to paddle and steer a canoe is a relatively quick and simple process, especially if you’re with someone who is at least moderately experienced. You can start out in calm water and go at your own pace as well. This also makes a canoe trip perfect for families – parents can teach their kids how to do it on the fly.

Spend Time Outdoors

We spend a lot of time indoors most of the winter. Those who work in offices or other indoor jobs are similarly deprived of fresh air for much of the summer as well. Perhaps you live in a city or densely populated suburban area as well and don’t get to spend much quiet time out in nature. Then a canoe trip is likely perfect for you. You can spend hours in a lake or river, surrounded by woods, hearing nothing but the sounds of animals and paddle hitting the water.

Good Exercise

Canoeing provides a good workout without quickly exhausting your cardiovascular system like running or heavy lifting. It’s essentially an aerobic workout that also helps you build muscle in your upper body and midsection. Even after going at your own pace for a few hours, you’ll finish the day feeling tired out, but also accomplished.

A canoe trip is an excellent way to spend some vacation time in the summer. If you’re looking to book one this summer, Mattice Lake Outfitters is the perfect spot. We offer canoeing routes for all different experience levels and interests. If you’d like to plan your own route, we can help you with that. Call 1-800-411-0334 for more information on the packages we offer.

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