Bait vs. Lure: Which Should You Use?

Every fisherman has asked this question at one point or another: Which is better to fish with, bait or a lure? Well, unfortunately there is no one answer to that, but we do have some information that will help you choose which is right for you!

Natural Bait

Also called live bait, this type of angling method has proven very effective. By using natural bait, their texture, odor and color attract several different types of fish who will gladly eat them for a meal. This familiar bait will successfully fool any underwater species.

Different types of natural bait include the popular earthworm, minnows, a variety of insects, and leeches.

As an added bonus, natural bait is usually inexpensive and can be released or stored for future use after your trip. Bait also does most of the job for you. There’s no need to have a striking plan when you can just cast out your line and wait for the fish to bite! Learn more about natural bait and artificial lures

Artificial Lures

This type of angling method is essentially made to imitate live bait. These lures are produced with the same characteristics of different natural bait, using the same colors and shapes that appeal to fish. There are several different types of lures, some bewildering at times, but the most popularly used by anglers are plugs, poppers, spinners, and jigs.

When choosing a lure, you have to keep in mind that there are different levels of water you’re aiming to hit: surface, midlevel, and bottom. There are lures made for every level, so when you go to buy, make sure you read about their individual strategies.

Lures are best utilized for catch and release and are fun to use and collect!

Lure fishing provides a more engaging pursuit experience due to the fact that you have to constantly be in motion with your lure.

Have you decided on what angling method is best for you? Whatever your choice is, it’s time to get out on the water and try them out for yourself! Plan your next fishing adventure in the remote wilderness of Northwestern Ontario with Mattice Lake Outfitters. We have several fly-in fishing camps to explore and fish ready to bite. Give us a call at 1-800-411-0334 today to book your trip!

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