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3 Facts Every Fisherman Should Know About Walleye

3 Facts Every Fisherman Should Know About Walleye

While Walleye are some of the most common freshwater fish in Northwestern Ontario, there is always more that can be learned about this unique game.

If you’re planning an upcoming fishing trip, be sure to read on to learn a few facts that will help you reel in the walleye you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether it be learning more about their nighttime resting habits, swimming patterns or visual abilities, these facts will put you well on your way to making the perfect catch!

They come close to shore

If you’re wondering where the best place to fish for walleye is, you may be surprised to know it is typically closer to shore. Walleye tend to prefer slower moving and darker water seen along shore lines.

These game fish are usually out in droves along the shoreline at night or in the early morning hours before the sun comes up.

They also spawn on rock or gravel during the spring in shallower areas along the shore.

They’re most active on windy, overcast days

While you may not love to hear this, walleye are known to be extremely active on overcast days with high winds and choppier waters.

When there is little light, the temperature of the water drops. Walleye enjoy exploring these cooler waters and will typically be found in shallower areas.

Not only will you have a greater chance of catching walleye during this time because of their increased numbers, but you will probably be one of the only fishermen out when it is windy and rainy.

They see red

Another interesting fact about walleye is that they can only see certain colors. This may seem counterintuitive because of their large eyes, but this is ultimately the reason for this visual impairment.

Large cone cells in their retinas make things blurrier and make it harder to distinguish colors.

While it has been believed in the past that walleye were color blind, they can actually see red, orange and green fairly well.

This fact can be advantageous to fisherman that bring along red, orange or green bait when they are going after walleye.

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