Interesting Facts About Walleye

Calling anglers of all experience levels! If you are planning a fishing trip to see us in beautiful Northwestern Ontario, we will help you prepare for your adventure by telling you everything you could ever want to know about Walleye, the most common freshwater game fish. Walleye are the most common freshwater game fish.

Facts about Walleye

• Walleye are ranked high in the food chain
• They are known for their fine texture and delicious meat and are the most sought after fish in many northern states and most of Canada
• Walleye will come closer to the shore during the night time
• They tend to be the most active on overcast days and windy days with choppy waters
• Walleye aren’t color blind but are known to only see the colors red and green
• A Walleye’s diet consist of other fish, crayfish, worms and minnows
• Walleye’s get their name from their huge marble like eyes that look like a layer of reflective pigment

Hopefully these Walleye fishing tips can help make you more successful at reeling in the best Walleye!

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