Reasons to Plan a Fishing Trip in Northwestern Ontario

Here are five key reasons you need to plan a fishing trip through Mattice Lake Outfitters in Northwestern Ontario.

5) Your boss has been riding you like there’s no tomorrow. Get this, do that, where’s the report, we need another meeting, and can you have that to me by the end of the day… your boss at work is stressing you out. When’s the last time you had a real lunch break? Ugh. Your blood pressure is too high. You need a week away fishing in the wilderness.

4) Screens, screens, screens: all you do is stare at screens all day, everyday. When you look around, your significant other is on their screen, the kids are on their screens– heck, even grandma is trolling Facebook. Enough with the screens already. Forget “Windows” on the computer, and, instead, get outdoors for some fresh air and real life scenes unfolding right in front of your tired eyeballs!

3) Have you lost your sense of adventure? Have you, at least, put it away or “on the backburner?” Now’s the time to rediscover your inner child, and go exploring outdoors.

2) The only way to get to the outpost camps and wilderness lodges of Mattice Lake Outfitters is by seaplane. How cool is that? You cannot drive your car or truck there. It’s so remote that the only way in and out is by plane. And the kind of plane you get to ride in has the amazing ability to land on water. How cool is that?

1) You’ve fished before but you’ve never done “the big trip.” Somehow the local pond isn’t nearly as interesting as exploring the Ogoki Reservoir or the legendary Ogoki-Albany river system in Northwestern Ontario where you’ll see how many northern pike, walleye, and trout you’ll catch.

What are you waiting for? Call 1-800-411-0334 to plan your fishing trip today.

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