The Essentials Every Fisherman Needs in their Tackle Box

There is nothing quite like bobbing gently in the water in your boat watching your fishing line drift slowly up and down with the quiet ripples of the water. Fishing is a treasured pastime, but preparation is necessary for ensuring a successful trip out on the water.

Be prepared before heading out on your next fishing adventure by packing the following in your tackle box!

The basic fishing necessities

Tackle Box Necessities for Your Fly-In Fishing TripFirst and foremost, expert anglers require the appropriate necessities for the perfect fishing trip. Consider the type of fish you are aiming for as well as the water conditions of your destination and use this information to choose the proper fishing gear for your outing.

Include a sensible variety of lures, extra line, some plastic bait, bobbers, hooks, and sinkers. Regardless of what you think you will use, preparation for all situations is key, so pack your tackle box with all types of fishing scenarios in mind. Bring some back-ups and extras of your necessities just in case!

The extra supplies that may come in handy out on the water

Once you have the basic supplies for your fishing trip, it’s time to throw in some extras. Consider needle nose pliers to handle fish with sharp teeth or fish that completely swallow your lure. Pack a knife or fingernail clippers for cutting line and a stringer to keep your catch fresh in the water. Reserve a place in your tackle box for your fishing licence and have it ready to show park rangers and other officials to avoid fines and further legal repercussions. And don’t forget the tape measure to size up your biggest catch!

The miscellaneous items that would be beneficial to have—just in case

If there is room in your tackle box after packing your necessities and extras, you may want to throw in some miscellaneous items to keep you comfortable and prepared for the elements. Pack a pair of sunglasses to avoid glare from the water and sunscreen for long days in the sun.

Carry a small poncho when the weather calls for rain. Keep a small bottle of bug repellant on hand to ward off popular water dwellers like mosquitos. Lastly, remember some snacks to keep your stomach satisfied as you wait for the fish to bite.

Once your tackle box is packed and you’re ready to hit the water, hop on a seaplane and head to one of Mattice Lake Outfitters’ 14 deluxe outpost camps or our wilderness lodges for some of the freshest fishing in Canada. Give us a call at 1-800-411-0334 today to start planning your trip!

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