Three Facts About Moose You Probably Didn’t Know

Moose are majestic creatures with awe-inspiring size, but how much do you really know about them? There are many fascinating facts about moose that you may not have known!

Best swimmers around

Moose are naturally incredible swimmers, born already knowing how to swim. While swimming, an adult moose can reach speeds of up to 6 mph and sustain that pace for nearly two hours! They can also swim underwater for extended periods of time due to their ability to close their nostrils and slow their respiration rate. Being in the water helps keep them cool, which is important on hot summer days, as they heat up easily due to their massive size – moose can weigh up to 1200 pounds! Because they swim so much, they even end up living longer because their risk of developing bone and joint diseases is lower, as is their chance of being attacked by predators.

Snails are a threat

Wolves, bears, and other fierce predators are no match for a healthy moose, but snails? That’s another story. When moose forage in shallow water for fish, they often end up ingesting some snails – moose have no upper front teeth, which allows them to easily suck up small marine life. While that may sound harmless enough, certain snails carry a brain worm parasite (Parelaphostrongylus tenuis) which can be fatal to moose, as the larvae travels to the moose’s brain and causes neurological damage.

What about those antlers?

Only male moose have antlers, and they typically use them to attract females during mating season. Moose will engage in antler combat to stake out their breeding area, but not necessarily to wound each other. The antlers also shed every year: they begin to grow in late spring and are covered in velvet, with blood running through that velvet, as antler growth is connected to testosterone levels. Come mating season in fall, the antlers shed and turn into shiny new antlers for display and competition.

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