Are You Hunting in the Winter? Here Are Some Great Tips!

Are You Hunting in the Winter? Here Are Some Great Tips!

Do you have a hunt planned during the winter? If so, you should be aware that hunting during the winter can be very different then hunting in the fall. If you’re not prepared, it could potentially ruin your hunting experience.

Here are some tips that will help you have a successful winter hunt: 

Wear Warm Gear

When you’re hunting in the winter, always pack warm gear. If you don’t wear warm clothing, it may reduce the amount of time you spend in the stand. Keeping warm will help improve your hunting because you’ll be able to focus more on your hunt rather than shivering in the stands. If you have the option, always go for purchasing reputable brands for the best results! 

How to Dress in Layers

Before you get to your stand, you should already have your base layer on. Your base layer will usually consist of tighter-fitting shirts and compression leggings. Also, make sure your base layer’s material is sweat-wicking because it’s easy to work up a sweat as you’re walking to your stand. Remember, your base layer is meant to help you stay dry and warm during your hunt. 

Your next layer should also be lightweight. Depending on the temperatures, hunters will typically put on a pair of “long-john” tops and bottoms. This set will help keep you warm but won’t add any extra bulk. After adding your second layer, it’s time to throw on your camouflage. This can be a long sleeve shirt or a light hoodie. Then, it’s time to add your vest. A nice hunting vest will help add warmth to the core of your body without restricting your body movement.

For your final layer, add an insulated coat and pants to help reflect your body heat to you. Make sure that this layer is waterproof and windproof just in case you are hunting in inclement conditions.

Don’t Forget to Bring Snacks with You.

Your body will burn extra calories to keep warm. Make sure you’re fueling your body before and during your hunt to help keep your body warm and feeling energized. Don’t forget to eat a high-calorie meal before your hunt, then bring some complex carbs and proteins to snack on while you hunt.

Plan Your Next Winter Hunt!

We hope that these tips helped you prepare for your next cold-weather hunt. If you’re looking for the best spot in Ontario to hunt moose, contact Mattice Lake Outfitters to start planning your next trip!


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