Fall Fishing Tips

Fall Fishing Tips

Summer is nearing its ends, which means cooler temperatures, football Sundays, and the chance to unwind after a particularly scorching season.

Although this is a slower season for fishing, it is still a great time to reel in a few big catches before winter sets in.

If you are planning a fishing trip this fall, check out these tips to help you get the most out of this experience:

The Early Bird Doesn’t Get the Worm

As the air cools, so does the water. Fish become less active when it is cold, if you wait until the sun is its highest this will allow the water to warm and increase the chances of the fish coming to the surface.


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Quick Fact: During the cold winter months, water freezes over the surface of many bodies of water. During this time fish metabolism slows, basic bodily functions shut down, they become dormant and migrate to lower levels where the water is warmer. It is a myth that fish freeze and come back to life in the spring.


Dress Appropriately

It is time to pack away your lightweight summer fishing clothing and replace it with thicker insulated layers. The cold from the water can decrease temperatures on the water, making it feel much chillier while you are fishing. Remember to wear layers as it is always easier to take something off if you get too warm, rather than regretting  bringing a jacket along.

Lay Low

It is always best to remain cautious while fishing, to ensure you do not scare the fish away. This is especially important in the fall because fish become more wary with the seasonal chance. Be sure to wear fall colors like muted browns, orange, and other earth tones.

With these fall fishing tips in mind, you are sure to find success on your next angling trip! If you are looking for fishing in a premier location visit Mattice Lake Outfitters. Mattice Lake Outfitters is plentiful with northern pike, trout and walleye. Contact us today to plan your summer fishing trip!

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