How to Safely Unhook a Fish

How to Safely Unhook a Fish

If you’re an avid fisher, then you know that removing a hook from a fish’s mouth can be easy for some fish and harder for others. The movements of the fish can make it difficult to remove the hook from their mouth. Whether you plan on releasing the fish or keeping it to prepare, you’ll eventually have to remove the hook, so here’s how to do it safely!

Slide the Hook Out

Safely Remove a Fish Hook

If you’re catching your fish with barbless hooks, you might have a better chance of removing the hook with your hands. If you can’t remove the hook in the water, bring the fish to the dock and remove the hook as quickly and safely as you can. To successfully remove the hook from the edge of the mouth, you’ll want to slide the hook out of the mouth. The back end of the hook should always lead the way out to prevent tearing.

Use a Tool if Needed

If you’re finding it more difficult to remove the hook, you may need to incorporate a tool for assistance. Using a tool also helps you get a more precise grip on the hook. A tool can help bend the hook in a direction that allows you to remove it easier. If you’re handling a barbed hook, you can also use pliers to dull the barb on the hook. If you plan on keeping the fish, you can use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to cut away small pieces of flesh to remove the hook.

Cut the Line

Sometimes, it’s almost impossible to get a hook out of a fish’s mouth. If the hook is deep inside the mouth, you can try using a disgorger to remove it. If that doesn’t work, you now have a decision to make. If you are planning to release the fish, cut the line as close as possible to the mouth to reduce the possibility of internal injuries after releasing it.

With these tips in mind, you are now prepared to catch your next fish! If you’re looking for fishing in a premier location, visit Mattice Lake Outfitters. Who knows, you may catch northern pike, trout, or even a walleye! Contact us today to plan your next fishing trip!

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