Kayak vs. Canoe: Which is Better for You?

What’s the best choice for your next outdoor adventure, a canoe or a kayak? Read on to learn about some of the pros and cons of canoes and kayaks, and discover which one best suits your needs. Kayak vs. Canoe: Which is Better for You?

A canoe might be for you if…

You have a lot of gear, or you want to bring Junior and Fido
Canoes have more capacity than a kayak, and are great for long expeditions. They also have more room for kids and dogs.

You value comfort

A canoe is typically more comfortable than a kayak, since you have more room to move around, and you can stand up.

You want to see the view

The higher seating position of a canoe tends to offer better vistas.

A kayak might be the right choice if…

You want something light and easy to transport
Ever tried hauling around a canoe? Unless you’re very strong, transporting a kayak is much easier.

You’re interested in whitewater

Kayaks tend to handle whitewater better than canoes.

You want to feel close to the water

In a kayak, you’re sitting much closer to the water than in a canoe, which is a feeling that some people really enjoy.

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