Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Fish

If you grew up spending your summers at the lake fishing, then you probably want to teach your kids to fish as well. Fishing can be a great pastime for kids of all ages, and a great way to sneak in some parental bonding. But, fishing is a hobby that takes a lot of patience and practice, so Mattice Lake Outfitters is here today with some tips on how to teach your kids to fish. Tips for Teaching Your Kids How to Fish

Start with the Water

Sometimes kids are simply too young to be interested in fishing. So, it’s important to start with getting them curious and excited about the water. Take family trips to the lake or the ocean, and spend a couple of Saturdays at the aquarium.

Choose the Right Spot

The ocean probably isn’t the best spot to teach your kids to fish: you want their chances at catching something to be pretty good. Shakespeare-Fishing says to pick a well-stocked lake instead. They’ll probably catch a fish or two, which will boost their confidence!

Stock up on Equipment

Once your child is old enough and showing a bit of interest in fishing, pick up some child-sized boating gear at your local tackle shop. Your rods will be too heavy for your child to feel comfortable holding.

Safety First

Remind your child about the rules of being on the boat, and make sure their lifejacket fits snugly. If you have lots of hooks and barbs in your tackle box, make sure your child knows not to play around in there.

Make it a Day

Keep in mind that your kids probably don’t have as much patience as you do, so it’s important to make your fishing trip into a big, exciting day. Pack a fun picnic, and have a few other activities planned like kayaking or a boat ride through the bay.

The truth of the matter is that if your child is having fun hanging out with you, then they’ll love their first fishing experience, and that’s something they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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