Tips For Successfully Catching Walleye

Tips For Successfully Catching Walleye

Walleyes are a popular species of fish to catch in certain areas for quite a few reasons. First and foremost, they taste good and can be prepared in a variety of ways. They have a unique appearance that appeals to some anglers. Plus, they’re an elusive fish of a decent size, so they present a challenge of sorts.

If you’re enticed by the idea of catching a Walleye or two, you’re far from alone. Here are some tips for reeling in one of your own:

Be in the Right Place, Right Time

Walleye are stocked all over the world these days, but they can be most commonly found in Canada, the Great Lakes Region, the basins of the Missouri and Upper Mississippi River. You’ll most likely find them in cool, deep water in both rivers and lakes, spending much of their time close to the bottom. They will make some appearances in shallow water during their spawning season of May and June.

Know Their Appearance

As stated above, Walleye have a unique appearance that makes them stand out. Most of them are around 20 inches long and weigh about 10 pounds. They have a dark green back, a gold or white belly, yellow flecks, a white tail blotch, a sharp dorsal find with around a dozen spines, a silvery eye, and a large mouth with noticeable teeth.

Methods and Equipment

You may have to improvise and use various tactics if you want to catch a Walleye or two. Generally, minnow-imitating lures are a great choice because Walleye mainly eat smaller fish. Minnows are also a great live bait choice, as are leeches and nightcrawlers. Artificial hard baits are great for the spring and fall while soft plastics can be used all year long.

As far as methods go, brightly colored jigs tipped with a minnow generally do the job. Depending on the day, you may want to cast and retrieve slowly or add some jerks and twitches, while letting the jig hit the bottom of the lake or river.

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