Fish Species in Northwestern Ontario

Fish Species in Northwestern Ontario

Every fisherman, whether expert or novice, sets their eyes on a prized catch before every trip.

Here are some of the fish species you’ll find along the Ogoki-Albany river system in Northwestern Ontario:


walleye fishing at sunset

As one of the most sought-after gamefish, the walleye are very abundant within our waters.

Gold, olive and white in color, this fish resides in fresh waters and has pristine eyesight, allowing them to stay a powerful predator even in low light conditions.

The walleye average anywhere between 10 and 20 pounds and make it to approximately three feet in length—what a catch!

With their large mouth and sharp set of teeth, they’ll be chomping at the bit to get to your bait.

Northern Pike

freshwater northern pike fish know as esox lucius lying on vintage wooden background. fishing concept, good catch - big freshwater pike fish with fishing lure in mouth and vintage wooden background

The Northern Pike can swim up to 10 mph and are known cannibals—it’s very difficult to get this species to bite at artificial food, which is important for every fisherman to note.

They can grow up to 4.5 feet long and weigh up to 60 pounds.

With bright yellow eyes and a snout filled with long, sharp teeth, the Northern pike is a prized catch.


a sturgeon in the sea

The sturgeon is a hefty species donning rows of bony plates that look and act as an armor.

They are a mix of green and grey, allowing them to sneak around in the murky waters to locate their next meal. Their pointed snout and whisker-like organs help them to snag their prey.

Sturgeon can grow up to be as long as six feet in length and weigh 200 pounds.

They are the dinosaurs of the fish species, living, on average, 100 years.

Brook Trout

underwater image of brook trout

This species of fish is also known as the speckled trout—named for the yellow spots that blanket its olive and green back.

They are somewhat of a sight to see, often changing their natural olive to a warmer orange or red.

Brook trout are a part of the salmon family, yet the species doesn’t possess any teeth on the roof of their mouth.

These feisty fish are about nine to 10 inches long but are still ready to put up a fight once their hooked.

Lake Trout

trout fish in the lake with wonderful lighting on the water

The lake trout thrives in colder waters, which makes the spring or winter (ice fishing, anyone?) perfect for fishing.

So, when the temperatures rise in the summer months, lake trout will travel to deeper water—sometimes as deep as 200 feet.

They can grow up to almost 20 inches in length and the largest recorded lake trout weighed in at 102 pounds.

You may also come across the hybrid fish called Splakes, which is a cross between lake and brook trout—win-win!

Plan your fly-in fishing trip

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