Planning an Ontario Fly-In Fishing Trip

Planning an Ontario Fly-In Fishing Trip

Combining the relaxation of a remote wilderness outpost with the thrill of reeling in that big catch, fly-in fishing in Ontario is a favourite pastime of many.

So, grab your tackle box and fishing gear: here’s our helpful guide to planning your next fly-in fishing trip!

Choose your Northwestern Ontario fishing spot

aerial shot of a man fly fishing in a river during summer morningOntario is filled with a plethora of different fly-in fishing outposts.

From catching Northern pike at Luella Lake to reeling in hefty walleyes at the Ogoki Reservoir, you and your fellow fishermen will have plenty of opportunities to score your big catch.

So where should you go for your next trip?

We suggest letting the fish you want to catch be your inspiration and go where they tend to dwell.

At Mattice Lake Outfitters, we have 14 deluxe fly-in camps and two wilderness lodges that span the entire Ogoki-Albany river system.

Pick out your dates

Northwestern Ontario offers beautiful scenery and fantastic fishing throughout the year, but we suggest choosing your trip dates based on the weather you’d like to fish in.

Of course, May and September will give you cooler temperatures, while June-August will surely bring the heat.

Book your fly-in fishing trip

Once you have decided on when and where you want to fish, it’s time to book your trip!

First, find out what’s included in the trip rates.

fly in fishing seaplane at Mattice Lake Outfitters

Then book early so that your outpost is secured for the days you selected.

If you’re looking to book with us, give us a call at 1-800-411-0334 and check out our 16 remote fly-in camps that you can choose from!

Ask about the seaplanes

The best part of fly-in fishing is the fact that you get to fly in.

However, there are a few things you need to know before boarding the seaplane.

With our aircrafts, you’ll find the latest technology to ensure safety and comfort. We have a fleet of a deHavilland Beaver, one of Canada’s top 10 greatest in engineering achievements, and a Turbo Otter plane.

Weight restrictions: We do enforce weight limitations for the safety and well-being of the guests and crew on board.

Keep your fishing trip baggage to 150 lbs. and your moose hunting to 175lbs.

Canada Fishing Regulations

There are certain rules and regulations that you must follow when you fish in Ontario in order to keep your trip safe and enjoyable.

flyfisherman with fishing guide in river

1. Follow the fishing seasons: depending on where you go fly-in fishing in Ontario, there are certain dates for different zones. You can check your zone here!
2. Figure out fishing limits: there are certain restrictions on fish species on what you can catch and keep.
3. Obtain your fishing licence tag and Outdoors Card: In Canada, an individual must carry a fishing licence as well as an Outdoors Card at all times.

Get ready for your fly-in fishing trip

At Mattice Lake Outfitters, we have some of the most breathtaking scenery and exciting fly-in fishing that you’ll find in Northwestern Ontario.

Contact us today to plan your fly-in adventure!

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