Our Guide for Reeling in a Big Fish

Our Guide for Reeling in a Big Fish

When you’re out fishing, catching a large fish is always an exciting surprise. However, once you hook a large fish, it can be difficult to reel them in. Larger fish like carp, catfish, and bass will often put up a fight once they’ve been hooked. To help you secure your next big catch, here are some of our best tips for reeling in your large fish: 

Keep Your Line Tight

If you feel like the fish you’ve hooked is on the larger size, remember to keep a firm tension on your line at all times. If you keep the line loose, it gives the fish a better chance of throwing the hook and escaping. Maintain pressure on your line by keeping the rod’s tip up and reeling in with a smooth, consistent motion. 

Remember, too much pressure can snap your line, so make sure you’re applying the right amount. 

Allow Your Fish to Run 

By forcing your fish to stay in one place, they can easily snap your line or damage your rod. Therefore, you should set the drag so the fish can take out line while tiring itself out. After some time, your fish will quickly begin to get tired, and their runs will get shorter and less violent. 

Use The Right Technique to Reel Them In

When reeling in your fish, you have to follow the right technique. Once you feel the bite, lift the tip of your rod with a smooth and firm motion. Try to bring the fish closer to you as you continue to move your rod with each pull. As you lower the rod tip, try reeling in the line. Reeling your catch-in requires a lot of patience, but it will be worth it once you do. 

Keep Your Catch Away From Structures 

If you’re fishing near the shore, avoid guiding your fish into structures like logs, rocks, or reefs that can tangle your line. Depending on the fish’s size, try your best to keep them from escaping into the cover. However, if they make it in successfully, it can be difficult to crank them out, and you risk the chance of snapping your line. 

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