Tips for Catching Northern Pike

Tips for Catching Northern Pike

When planning a fishing trip to an area with a high concentration of northern pike, there are a few things to brush up on to increase your chances of getting consistent bites.

Knowing the fish’s behavior, where they like to feed, which type of bait they’re attracted to and a few other common traits will have you well on your way to an enjoyable, successful fishing trip you won’t soon forget.

Come prepared and be ready to take on these large, strong fish with a voracious appetite.

Keep it moving

Northern pike are one of the largest, hungriest and hard-fighting fish you’ll come across in Northern waters.

Because of their size and aggressive nature, they should give some indication through splashing or biting they are in the area. If you’re fishing a spot that commonly sees northern pike but aren’t getting a bite, keep moving until you see some activity. We suggest moving at a fast pace with moving bait until you see a sign of the pike.

Focus on shallower, weeded areas

Northern pike are known to hang around in grassy areas with higher amounts of aquatic vegetation. Their longer body shape and sharp teeth allow them to move with ease around these typically shallower, vegetated areas and catch their desired prey.

It is suggested to fish these areas first when you are after northern pike and it won’t be surprising if you come across a large pack of them rather quickly.

Use large, colorful bait

Since northern pike have a bigger appetite than most fish, they are attracted to larger bait. They are also attracted to brighter colors of bait.

If you want the pike to get excited, consider using some of the bigger bait in your tackle box with colors that will stick out. It may seem over the top, but this has been shown to be a successful method time and time again.

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